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Mike has devoted his life to the service of others and wants to continue that service as your Probate Judge.

As your Probate Judge, Mike will continue the legacy of outstanding service provided by Judge Anglin and the excellent staff of Probate Court. Mike understands those who are dealing with the probate of an estate, guardianship, conservatorship, or committal issues, may be experiencing a difficult time in their life, and he has the compassion to help them through it.

And for those who appear in the Probate Court for violations of criminal or traffic laws, Mike knows from his many years in law enforcement that most people are good, but they may have a bad day or make a bad decision which results in them being charged with an offense. Mike will weigh the facts according to the law and base his decision on what is fair and just.

The 2020 election coincides with the next census, which will confirm the growth of Oconee County. Not only is Oconee County’s population growing, but the number of seniors in that population is also increasing. With that growth comes an increased caseload for the Probate Court. Mike is committed to working with our Commissioners in a fiscally responsible manner to ensure the Probate Court has the resources it needs to accommodate our citizens with service they deserve.

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